3 ways to sell more on Etsy (that you haven’t already heard)!

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There is a lot of information out there on how to sell more on Etsy. Articles or blogs about selling more on Etsy usually give the same advice, over and over again. Well, today I’m going to give you 3 tips to help you sell more on Etsy that don’t include taking better photos or marketing on Facebook.

  1. List more of your top sellers. Offering one of kind items is great in theory, but by doing so you lose the benefit of being able to restock items that people really like. Also, having items you can easily relist without having to take photos and create a new listing description can save you a lot of valuable time. If you find one item is selling particularly well then try to make it in other colors and variations. I know some of you might be thinking that your customers like your one of a kind items or that they shop with you because they know they can get something unique; or maybe your products are hard to replicate. If that is the case then sprinkle some of your one of a kind items in with other items that you can reproduce.
  2. Send out newsletters. Etsy sellers spend hours on social media promoting, often with very little return. Why not spend your time doing something more productive? Handmade Newsletter provides Etsy sellers with an easy way to sign up new customers and people who like their items to their shop newsletter. Create a newsletter with Madmimi or any other email marketing provider to send out promotions, coupon codes or new product announcements to the people who have opted into your newsletter. Just think, with the newsletter you’re promoting people who have already shown an interest in your items! Mckinsey.com says that E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined”. Now that’s a good reason to try newsletter marketing!
  3. Don’t put your shop in vacation mode. Ever. The internal Etsy search engine looks at many things when determining where an item falls in a potential customer’s search. One thing it looks at is how many views and hearts any one item gets within a certain time frame (the more views and/or hearts for a particular phrase, the higher that item will fall in a search for that particular phrase). When a shop is put into vacation mode, it becomes harder to find an item in that shop and as a result the item will start to get rated lower in the Etsy search because it is no longer getting consistent views. It can take weeks, even months to get back your standing in search engines because of this.So, what should you do when you go away and cannot ship items? Use the bulk edit tool from MyCraftTools, it will allow you to add a vacation message to all of your listings without closing your shop down. Simply let your customers know that you are away and give them the date they can expect items to ship. This same message should also go into your shop announcement and message to buyers for sold orders. The other great thing about this method is that you can also continue to sell items while you are gone…. and who doesn’t want more sales?!

All of the other articles out there on how to sell more on Etsy have good tips… improving the quality of your photos, making sure your prices are competitive, selling a good quality product, having stellar customer service, etc. is essential to having a successful Etsy shop. The tips I outlined above are designed to help you take your shop to the next level and make you an Etsy rockstar!

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