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Get your Etsy items seen by tons of potential customers! For $6 your Blast will include a tweet with a link to the Etsy shop item of your choice (from @CraftAssistant with over 40,00 followers) a Facebook post that will go out to over 1,800 fans, a submission of your product to Stumble-Upon, a submission to Google+ and pin on Pinterest. Expect to see an immediate increase in your item’s views with residual views up to a week later.

For a limited time we are guaranteeing that our Product View Blast will get the Etsy item of your choice 100 views! If you do not get the views we will keep Tweeting until your Etsy item gets seen by 100 people (or sells, whichever happens first)!

It’s easy! Just email us at [email protected] with the link to the item you would like tweeted. We will send you a Paypal invoice for $6 and confirm with you the date of your Product Blast!

**SPECIAL VALUE** Buy 5 Product Blasts and get one free! For $30 you will get 6 Blasts, each one scheduled for a different day. (All 5 Blasts must be purchased at the same time).


  • When will my Blast go out? I will schedule the date of the Blast with you. I do the Blasts manually so the times vary. They usually start in the morning but may go out as late as 3pm Eastern Time. No matter what time your Blast starts you will receive at least 100 views on your item.
  • What happens if my item sells during the Blast? If your items sells during the Blast (and you don’t have multiple quantities in the listing) your Blast is considered complete. We don’t calculate your total views or send before and after screen shots of your listing if it sells.
  • Can you guarantee my item will sell? No, I cannot guarantee your item will sell, sorry! What I can do is guarantee that your Etsy item will get at least 100 unique views if your item does not sell first.
  • Will my item get a lot of hearts? Sometimes the items get hearts during the Blast and sometimes they don’t. The amount of hearts your item gets on a regular basis through Etsy does not determine how many people will heart your item during the Blast. The Blast is a fun and inexpensive way to get your item out to a lot of people at once. Sometimes we find the exact people who are in the market for your item and sometimes we don’t. All posts and tweets about your item will describe what your item is in hopes that potential customers will be the ones clicking into your item after reading the posts.
  • What if I don’t get 100 views on my item, what happens then? The Blasts typically last all night. Most items do not get 100 views within the first few hours. Usually it takes multiple Tweets to reach the 100 mark. I will keep tweeting and promoting your shop until we get there.
  • How will I know that my item did in fact get 100 views? I take “before” and “after” screen shots of all listings I Blast. The day after the Blast you will get an email from me with the results of your Blast including the screen shots so you can see how well your item did. There are many ways to calculate views, I have found this method to be the most accurate.
  • Will my item be the only one Blasted on my scheduled day? Due to the number of requests we get we will sometimes Blast up to 3 items a day. You will still be guaranteed 100 views on your item.
  • Do I have to pick just one item? Can I do a Blast on my entire shop? What about on my blog or Facebook page? We can Blast whatever you’d like, however, I only guarantee 100 views when Blasting a single Etsy item. I have done all kinds of Blasts before and I find the single item Blasts to be the most effective. If you are interested in Blasting an entire shop our Blog Features are probably a better option for you.
  • Where can I see my Blast posted? You can see your Blast throughout the day on our Twitter account @CraftAssistant, on our Facebook Fan Page, our Pinterest account and our Google+ account. Your submission to Stumble Upon will not be visible.
  • Why should I consider your Product Blast? A Product Blast is a fantastic way to get a lot of visibility to your shop quickly. Many people choose to do them on new items, on holiday themed items, when they have a lull in their shop or even just for the excitement of watching the views on their item go up all night! It is a great, inexpensive way to get your shop out there.


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