Olympic Projects For Kids

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The 2016 Summer Olympics begin on August 3rd.  Help your kids get into the spirit with these Olympic Projects For Kids.  U-createcrafts.com compiled an amazing list of more than 10 Olympic themed crafts perfect for kids of all ages.  Create these crafts with your kids or host an Olympic themed party!  Click on the image below to see the list of crafts.  Thanks U-createcrafts.com!


Tons of Olympic Crafts for Kids!

DIY Patchwork Reversible Wrap Skirt

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How gorgeous is this DIY Patchwork Reversible Wrap Skirt?  If you make your own clothes, than the skirt is perfect for you.  Blog.lostinparis.com.au provides us with a simple tutorial for this versatile skirt.  Pick your favorite fabrics and make a skirt that you can change to suit your mood.  Click on the image below for more information.


Pokemon Go Party

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Earlier this month, the Pokemon Go app was released in the United States, and everywhere you go, people are talking about and playing the game.  Why not get in on the fun by throwing a Pokemon Go Party?  Maxabellaloves.com.au gives us a complete guide to throwing an awesome Pokemon party, from invitations to goodie bags… and everything in between.  Click on the image below the learn more!


How to host a Pokemon party