DIY Laundry Hampers with Removable Liners

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These DIY Laundry Hampers with Removable Liners are a great addition to any bedroom. Match the theme of  your baby’s nursery, personalize your child’s room, or add a bit of flair to your own bedroom.  These laundry hampers are especially nice because they have removable liners. gives us a complete tutorial.  Click on the image below for more information.

Hidden Pocket Pillowcase Tutorial

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I think that this Hidden Pocket Pillowcase Tutorial is one of those perfect crafts for everyone. gives us a tutorial for this functional and stylish craft.  The tutorial suggests that this would make a great addition to a child’s bedroom for the Tooth Faerie or to hide hidden treasures in.  I even love this pillow for myself to keep my cellphone close by at night.  Click on the image below for the video tutorial.


Hidden pocket pillowcase thumbnail