The Grand Opening of Trinca-Ferro’s Website!

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Etsy shop Trinca-Ferro is expanding! This successful vintage Ceramic Melon Knob Small Light Green Chrome Finish Annaand handmade decorative furniture knob store now also has its own U.S. website. Congratulations in making this huge step in growing your business! Having a website in addition to an Etsy shop is a big step for any Etsy seller and can mean great things for your business. While an Etsy shop can be optimized for SEO, you have even more places to optimize for SEO on a website which can mean more visibility for your shop. It also allows you more creative freedom in terms of choosing a theme and background for your shop which is great for your branding.

Acrylic Retro Button Knob Red VeraIt’s no wonder the Trinca-Ferro shop is doing so well, I’m in love with all of the great decorative furniture knobs that they have to offer! Their vintage and handmade line of knobs is expansive, ranging from metal to glass to ceramic, bone, acrylic, etc. I asked Robert the shop owner what some of his most popular knobs are and he didn’t hesitate when he told me that it’s his “Mercury Glass” knobs. I’m not surprised, these knobs are very unique and would stand out in any room. The process for creating these knobs is amazing. Robert told me:

“Mirror Glass (or Mercury Glass) is glass that is blown and Glass Mirror Melon Knob with Brass Fittingsthen silvered with a liquid silvering solution before sealing. “Mercury” silvered glass was produced originally from around 1840 in Bohemia, Germany and also in England. Trinca-Ferro has recently revived this technique and although mercury was originally used to provide the reflective silvered glass finish our craftsmen now silver using a silver nitrate solution. We have worked hard to recreate many original designs and offer a range of patterns and shapes that can combine well to use in both furniture restoration projects as well as offering an interesting counterpoint for more modern interiors”.

France Etch Metal KnobTrinca-Ferro has decorative door knobs for all types of decor; whether your style is modern, contemporary, boho, vintage or shabby chic, you’re sure to find something you love in this shop. You can stay in touch with Trinca-Ferro and see all of the new knobs they have in stock by visiting them on Facebook and by visiting their website often!

Featuring: inkofme on Etsy!

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I just discovered the Etsy shop inkofme and I am hooked! As a traveler, I love hanging maps of places I’ve been to on my walls. Inkofme brings a whole new look and feel to map art! These items make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings or it can be something special that you keep for yourself.

Shop owner Preston is kind enough to offer all of our readers 20% off their purchase in his shop! Use coupon code 20OFFMYINK when checking out. Below are some of Preston’s favorite designs.

image 1The perfect wedding or anniversary gift, this map art with date, place and coordinates is a great way to commemorate a special event. Customize it by choosing your color and size. Perfect for any type of decor, the recipient of this item will love how unique it is.


image 2What a unique gift idea! This art print is a personalized piece of art with the couples name in the shape of the state that their wedding is being held! The couple will love this as a an engagement gift, shower present or wedding gift. You can also give to a couple as a housewarming gift with their name in the shape of their new home.


image 3“Home is where the heart is”! This typographic text map of the United States is a unique and interesting piece of art that will look great in any home. Each state is represented by its name, which has been graphically stretched to fit the shape of the state’s boundaries. Perfect as a Christmas gift for a loved one or to display in your own home.


image 4This one is for the kiddos! Lego unofficial movie poster, “Everything Is AWESOME” silhouette of Emmet. This poster is printed on heavyweight archival Ultra Bright luster paper and comes in the color and size of your choice.



image 5“Adventure is out there”! This typographic world map is made even more interesting by the unique chalkboard background. The perfect gift for someone who likes to travel. It’s also great for a child’s bedroom and makes a great wedding or graduation gift. Each country is represented by its name, which has been graphically stretched to fit the shape of the country’s boundaries.


Almost all of the designs can be customized and personalized. Contact Preston to make the perfect gift for any occasion. To keep up with the new designs in this shop follow inkofme on Facebook.


Featuring: The Cake Stand Lady on Etsy

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I love throwing parties and entertaining Modern Blue and White 3 Tier Cake Stand and Cupcake Standso I am excited to have discovered The Cake Stand Lady shop on Etsy! This shop is filled cake stands and cupcake stands made from vintage and modern dishes – the perfect addition to your next party or event!

I love all of the different designs this shop has to offer – they definitely have something for every taste and theme. I encourage you to check out the shop and keep reading the interview below with shop owner Sky Croswell for more information on these amazing items.

My Craft Assistant: What drew you to this particular art/craft?
Sky: When I plan a party, I invest hours into every detail, and I know that finding that one gem that perfectly finishes a table can make an event unforgettable. I started making my cake stands because I wanted the perfect detail for a dessert table at a birthday party. My husband encouraged me to open up shop when I came home from an antique sale with a stack of vintage plates and an idea to start drilling them into cake stands. He’s an accomplished web designer and promised me if I set up shop, he’d build me a website to advertise it. Once he showed me his design idea, I didn’t need any other motivation to get started. We started with an Etsy storefront and took it from there.

My Craft Assistant: Do you sell anywhere outside of Etsy?
Sky: I also sell via my website/blog and via word of mouth through friends, colleagues, and family.

My Craft Assistant: What do you like best about selling on Etsy?
Sky: Etsy has an amazing community of sellers who are happy to help you get started. If you have a vision, a unique product, a glimmer of an idea, you can find someone there to help you along the way. It’s very easy to get started, and a great outlet for creativity. And, I promise, there is someone out there looking for what you want to sell!

Besides that, I love the marketing opportunities available right through Etsy directly. I participate in the teams and treasuries and have seen great success with it. The only way to get featured on the front page of Etsy is to be featured in someone else’s gorgeous treasury; you can’t build a winning one with your own products, so you need other Etsians to want to include you. That means you have to get out there and make some friends. The best way to do that is to share the love by building beautiful treasuries for other shops. It’s a fun way to collaborate, window shop, celebrate other great stores, and someday maybe we’ll see one of my cake stands on that homepage (if I’m lucky!).

My Craft Assistant:  What are your 2 favorite products in your shop? Why?
Sky: My inventory is ever-evolving, so my favorites come and (sadly) go. Right now I am loving this Octopus and this Starfish cake stand. These two cake stands celebrate summer and really get me in the mood for summer entertaining!

My Craft Assistant:3 Tier Cake Stand Modern Navy White Octopus  What is your greatest success since joining Etsy?
Sky: Since joining Etsy, my cake stands have been featured on The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart American Made, Apartment Therapy, Handmadeology, and more. Etsy has an unparalleled user base of shoppers and artisans and they have an incredible reach on the Web. By starting my shop on Etsy I have been found by and featured on some amazing and very popular design websites and blogs. It is quite an honor!

My Craft Assistant: What inspires you? How do you keep your creative spark firing?
Sky: I make and sell these cake stands because I am always on the lookout for something unique, unexpected, classy, and on-trend (but not too trendy) when I plan a party, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Many of my customers use my cake stands at special events, so they are often looking for a themed item, but then use the stand every day in their home after the big day. I like to keep in mind that while my cake stand might be in the spotlight at a wedding, the happy couple will likely be using it at dinner parties for years to come, so it’s important to come up with a timeless design.

I am also continually inspired by my customers and their unique uses for my cake stands. I have been told that they will be used as jewelry stands, fruit stands, bathroom displays, dessert displays, and more. Knowing that they will be used for so many things beyond a pretty party display inspires me to seek out unique designs and to create a product that can be re-purposed again and again.

My Craft Assistant: What factor do you feel has contributed most to your success on Etsy?
Sky: Great customer service and focused marketing has helped me succeed. I believe that great customer service is the best marketing you can have. Really! I work hard to be sure that every cake stand sale is seamless and that every person who buys one of my stands is happy with their purchase. I rely on word of mouth quite heavily for sales of my cake stands and I believe that a happy customer breeds new sales. But, I don’t stop there.

I’m also an experienced marketing professional with a degree in marketing and advertising, and I know that you can’t just sit and wait for customers to find you. My Etsy shop is not my full-time job (wouldn’t that be a dream come true?) so I have to focus my energy where I see the greatest results in the least amount of time spent. I use my personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts to showcase the new cake stands I am working on and the sales and success of the shop to my network of friends, family, and peers. I also built a business website on day one for my cake stand shop. I enjoy writing and wanted to be sure that a blog was part of my marketing. I know the value of strong content and the importance of good SEO, and I wanted that going from day one to build a history of content and help drive traffic to my Etsy shop.

My Craft Assistant:3 Tier Cake Stand Blue Beach Wedding What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned running a handmade business? What advice can you pass on to other Etsy sellers?
Sky: Never, ever post a less-than-stellar photo. Often I find myself in a hurry to get a new cake stand into the shop and I snap away without taking the time to set up right. I’ll set up the listing, upload all the pics, and immediately delete it and start over. It’s important to be sure that you have the right lighting and a consistent background to every image. Take a look at your own store’s front page. Does every item look like it was taken under similar conditions? Does every item look like it belongs in the same shop? If it doesn’t you might be giving off the wrong impression. Just last month I was surprised to find a major media outlet picked up one of my Etsy listings and featured it in a gift guide. Hooray! I was so excited, and then I looked at it and said, “They picked THAT one? Of everything in my shop? There are SO many better photos!” Lesson learned. Be ready for prime-time at any time, and make sure you are only putting up your best work, even if it means your new listing needs to wait a day or two for the right set up.

Keep in touch with Sky and her shop The Cake Stand Lady in the following places:
Etsy Shop

Featuring: Shannybeebo on Etsy

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I just discovered Shannybeebo on Etsy and I’m in awe of all of the amazing handmade clocks in this shop! The quality of these clocks is amazing, they make great gifts and there are clocks for every type of home decor. Surprise new home owners with a unique housewarming gift, or a newlywed couple with a customized wall clock – the possibilities are endless! Here are some of shop owner Shannon’s favorite pieces:

Large Wall Clock, Glitter Wall Clock, Decor and Housewares, Home Decor, Home and Living, Gold Clock,  Unique Wall Clock, Housewarming GiftThis gold glitter wall clock is made from a 12″ vinyl record and is oh so glamorous! This would look wonderful in a bedroom or anywhere else you’d like to make a statement. I bet this looks fabulous in person – it will easily become one of your favorite pieces of art. It comes in pink and silver as well so if you love a lot of sparkle then this is the perfect clock for you!


This chalkboard clock is a lot of fun – made Chalkboard Clock,  Home and Living, Decor & Housewares, Rustic Wall Decor, Wood Decor,  Unique Gifton an actual rustic wood slice, it is perfect for a kids room or as a teachers gift for them to hang in their classroom. It is completely functional and you can actually draw on the clock with chalk! It also makes a great gift for a couple – they can leave love notes or reminders to each other on the clock’s face.


Recycled Wall Clock, Shabby Chic Clock, Decor and Housewares, Home Decor, Unique Wall Clocks, Home and Living, Unique Gift For HerThis is the perfect clock for a shabby chic home with a rippled look and polka dot design. It’s very modern and unique – makes a wonderful gift for the person who has everything or for yourself. A great way to easily and affordably update the look of a room! I love that this clock is neutral with a splash of colors – it compliments so many different rooms!


This bright and colorful recycled wall clock is Unique Wall Clock, As Seen In Vogue, Home and Living, Paper Clock, Eco Friendly Decor, Recycled Art, Home Decoran eco-friendly way to dress up your space. Handcrafted from hand rolled magazine pages and affixed to a 12″ vinyl record, this custom handmade clock will make a whimsical addition to your design concept. It is definitely a conversation piece and you can feel good knowing that there is less waste in the landfill. A win, win! Do you prefer neutral colors? Let Shannon know what colors would look best in your space – she takes custom requests on this item!


Sunburst Wall Clock,  Home and Living, Recycled Wall Clock, Home Decor, Paper Decor,  Decor and Housewares, Unique GiftA fun cock with retro charm, this large eco-friendly sunburst clock is a stylish way to add some color to your home decor. It is handcrafted from rolled magazine pages and features an elegant black and forest green face. The face of this clock can be made in custom colors – just ask! The hands can also be changed (in fact they can be changed on any clock) and silent mechanisms are available for most.


Contact Shannon for any special orders or requests. These clocks make fabulous wall art and are functional as well! Stock up for the holidays and for special occasions – your friends and family will love this unique and quality gift. Keep checking back at Shannybeebo to see all of the new designs she has available!