Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

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Let’s face it, if you are a craft maker who makes a living by selling your crafts online, you know that it is hard to make a living.  It is easy for a potential buyer to browse your store, but the distractions of every day life and uncertainty about product quality may prevent you from making a sale. compiled a list of Tips to Increase Your Online Sales.  Click on the image below for the complete list.


20 Ways to turn browsers into buyers

Get your Etsy Shop Noticed by Advertising on Blogs

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I wanted to let you know about an amazing opportunity that recently came my way. Many of you have been emailing me lately and asking about marketing and advertising opportunities for your Etsy shops so this could not have come at a better time.

Advertising your Etsy shops on relevant blogs can be a great way to get your shop out there and in front of people who may not have heard about your brand before. Finding relevant blogs to advertise your products can be difficult – you need to search for them, make sure they have a good audience and then contact them one by one hoping that someone will respond. Aaron from MomBlogWire has a way to make this whole process a lot easier. When you sign up for his service, he will email his network of over 2,100 bloggers a summary of what you sell and ask if anyone is interested in featuring you on their sites! Relevant blogs that think you are a good fit for them will email you directly to setup the blog feature!

A service like this normally costs upwards of $300 (some clients pay him thousands of dollars for his services), but we have worked out a special discount for our email newsletter subscribers. If you mention My Craft Assistant when contacting MomBlogWire they will give you an 85% discount off this service! That’s only $50 to be blasted out to over 2,100 bloggers. If you are interested please use the contact form here and Aaron will get back to you. Because of the steep discount he is limiting this offer to only a few Etsy sellers. New spots will open up throughout the year.

Additional information:
• When working with Aaron he will ask you to set up an offer for the bloggers – a sample of your product, a giveaway to do on their blog, basically an incentive for them to want to feature you.
• Some of the larger blogs may ask for additional compensation to do the feature. The blog will let you know this upfront and you are not obligated to work with any blogs that you do not want to.
• If you would like to turn down any blogs, please do so in a diplomatic manner – remember, you may choose to work with them in the future and appearances are important!

If you have any questions about this service or want to know if it is a good fit for you, contact Aaron here and we will be happy to answer them for you.

The BEST way to drive traffic to your Etsy shop and make more sales!

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Etsy sellers keep asking me… “what is the best way to market my shop and make more sales?”  Social media is great, but you can spend hours promoting your items and if you don’t know how to appeal to your target market you might not get the results you are looking for.

The BEST way to market your Etsy shop (the fastest way with the most returns) is to send out newsletters to people who have shown an interest in your shop to remind them of your items, promote new products and let them know about any sales or promotions you have going on.

The problem? Etsy does not have a way for sellers to collect the email addresses of customers or people hearting your items (without spamming). You can do this with a website or blog, but many Etsy sellers do not have one and even if they do customers may get confused on how to sign up.

The solution? We’ve created to help you get interested customers and potential customers to sign up for your Etsy shop newsletter. With our new service you get:

  • A personal URL with your Etsy shop name for your subscription page.
  • We will pull your shop banner into your subscription page so that your branding is the same and your page looks like an extension of your shop.
  • Customizable text on your subscription page.
  • A place for people to enter their name and email address so you can contact them about your items.
  • Choose whether or not you would like subscribers to share what types of items in your shop they are interested in.
  • We will automatically send an email to your subscribers thanking them which you can customize.
  • Export your csv file of subscribers in just 2 clicks and import it into a free email marketing service provider like MailChimp.

For a limited time we’re offering a FREE trial of our service! Use Handmade Newsletter for 1 week on us. If you don’t like it, cancel anytime before the week is over and you won’t be charged a thing. If you choose to continue with the service we have very affordable options to suit all budgets.

I’m excited about what Handmade Newsletter can do for your Etsy sales!

Handmade Newsletter Infographic edited


Editing your Etsy Shop Banner with Pixlr

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Good news! My Craft Assistant has an affordable new way for you to get a personalized banner for your Etsy shop!

We uploaded a bunch of professionally made designs to our new Etsy shop – all are only $5 and can be downloaded instantly! Once you have your banner you can add your own text by using the free software on Pixlr

We created a tutorial on how to edit and personalize your new banner – just watch the video below! The great thing about learning how to edit your own banner is that you can reuse it again and again – put up a vacation message, a sale notification or a holiday greeting without purchasing another banner. It’s fast and easy to do.