Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

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Let’s face it, if you are a craft maker who makes a living by selling your crafts online, you know that it is hard to make a living.  It is easy for a potential buyer to browse your store, but the distractions of every day life and uncertainty about product quality may prevent you from making a sale. compiled a list of Tips to Increase Your Online Sales.  Click on the image below for the complete list.


20 Ways to turn browsers into buyers

Three Common Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make and How to Prevent Them in Your Shop

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Thank you to Craft Launch for publishing our article today on how to prevent the most common Etsy mistakes in your shop. Below is a preview of the article, make sure you check out the full version on Craft Launch to find out the answers to these flounders:

You know the scenario: you come up with a fabulous new item, you show the item to your friends and family and they love it, in fact some may even place an order for you to make one for them. You take pictures of the item, invest the time to write a thoughtful description and list it on Etsy. Maybe your item is one of a kind and something people have never seen before, maybe it’s something other Etsy sellers have listed in their shops and are selling for them, but either way your item just sits there… it doesn’t sell.

Many Etsy shop owners come to me and they say “my friends and family love my items, I always get compliments on them, so why aren’t they selling?” or they simply ask “why aren’t my items selling?” There are a handful of mistakes I see crafters make time and again that prevent them from making that sale. Here are a few of the most common ones I see (check out Craft Launch to see how to prevent these mistakes):

Mistake #1: Your listings are not set up for the Etsy Relevancy Search.

Mistake #2: Not paying attention to your shop title.

Mistake #3: Many Etsy sellers have Twitter and Facebook accounts for their business but don’t fully understand how to use it to promote their items.

I love working with crafters to help them grow their shops. While it can be difficult to get your items seen in a sea of handmade goods on Etsy, the tips we provided on Craft Launch will help you drive more relevant traffic to your shop and hopefully start getting you some more sales! If you would like further assistance or help getting started feel free to contact me and I can help you get on the right path to making sales consistently on Etsy.

Coupon Commotion: Etsy Offers New Features for Sales

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Etsy recently announced new enhancements to the coupon feature on their site and we could not be more excited!

New Features:

Etsy now allows you to set a fixed discount type that does not vary. For example, you can offer a discount code that gives buyers $5 off any purchase they make in your shop. The amount off you give customers is decided by you. Below is an example of how to set up a fix discount type.

coupon code 1

Another great feature they added is the “minimum price” feature where you can set a minimum order amount the customer needs to reach before the coupon can be used. For example, if you’d like to give customers $5 off their purchase, but you can only afford to do that if they spend $25 or more, you can set $25 as the minimum purchase amount and the coupon will not be active for customers until they reach that threshold. This is a great way to encourage customers to buy more from your shop!

Our favorite enhancement to Etsy coupons is there new “Thank You” coupon code emails. What this feature does is it allows you to set up a coupon code that Etsy will automatically email to your buyers after they make a purchase from your shop! This is a great way to encourage repeat business.

Here is what the email will look like when it is sent to your customers (taken from the originalEtsy Blog post on this topic):

Let us know what you think of these new features and if you will be incorporating them into your own Etsy marketing strategy!