Etsy How To: Share your Social Media with Potential Customers

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Many people ask me how they can share their social media accounts with their potential customers on Etsy.

Etsy has developed a way for people browsing in your shop to easily start following you on social media. This is great news as it helps people who have an interest in your items keep up with your new creations.

In case you don’t already have your social media accounts linked to your Etsy shop, here are the steps to link your Twitter account and your Facebook Fan page to your Etsy shop:

  • Go into your shop and look at the left hand side. Underneath the “shop settings” section you will see a clickable link that says “Info & Appearance”. Click that link.
  • About halfway down the page you will see where you can add your Twitter and Facebook links to your Etsy page. It looks like this:
  • Click “connect with Facebook” to add your Facebook information. After you have done this a “like” button will appear on your shop homepage for customers to click on to start engaging with you outside of Etsy.
  • Click “connect with Twitter” to add your Twitter account to your page. After you have done this a “follow” button will appear on your shop homepage for customers to click on to start following your Tweets.

If you have other social media links you would like to share with your potential customers like one to your Pinterest or Google+ page, you can add them to your shop announcement or your Etsy “about” page.

That’s all there is to it!

How to: Advertise your Etsy Shop on Twitter

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Twitter is a great way to increase your Etsy shop’s twitter birdpresence online and expand your brand. We’ve compiled a list of 5 great articles on how to use Twitter to your business’s advantage. Take the knowledge in these posts and apply it to advertising your Etsy shop!

What to Say on Twitter teaches you how to keep your tweets professional and on point. When you get stuck or can’t think of anything to say, follow their creative advice for staying on topic.

14 Steps to Generating Leads on Twitter shows you how to generate relevant leads using Twitter and how to convert them to customers. While not all of this information is relevant to Etsy, there are a lot of tips we can apply, like “educate your customers” and “explain how to solve their problem”.

Stop Collecting and Start Engaging with your Twitter Followers explains that it’s not the quantity of followers you have that matters, but how well you engage with the ones you have. They also provide useful tips on how to get the conversation started.

10 Reasons to Boost your Twitter Presence is a great reminder of why it’s important to promote your business on Twitter, like to help provide great customer service and it allows you to get even more creative.

10 Tips for Using Twitter Like a Pro provides great insight to some of the ways Twitter can help you market your items. They show you how to properly use hashtags, how to use Twitter for branding purposes and how to analyze your results.

Hopefully these articles will help motivate you to start using Twitter more effectively to promote your Etsy business!