Article: So you want to start a blog?

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Whether your a crafter, a parent, or an expert in another field, you may want to consider starting your own blog to get your views out there.  If you have ever considered doing so, you should check out this article from called “So You Want to Start a Blog?”  It has some really good tips for beginner-bloggers including planning tips, the importance of design, and different programs and tools to help you on your blogging journey.  Click the image below to read the article.  Happy blogging!


So you want to start a blog? Tips from someone who has been blogging for almost 10 years!

50 Ideas for Spring & Easter Photography

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If you are still looking for that perfect picture for your Easter card or just want some cute spring photos, then you should check out these 50 Ideas for Spring & Easter Photography. provides us with 50 different ideas to make sure that you get the perfect shot of you and your loved ones.  From cutsie props to unique poses and locations, you are sure to find a theme that you love. Click on the image below and see for yourself!  Thanks!


Tips and Ideas for Spring Photography

Why Your Crafts Shouldn’t be Pinterest Perfect

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It’s happened to us all… you are surfing through Pinterest and there it is- the perfect craft!  It looks amazing and would go perfectly in your home.  Excitedly, you print out your Michael’s, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby coupon and run to the nearest crafting store to buy all the project accouterments that you don’t already have stashed away in your craft room.  At each red light on the way home, you peer into the little plastic bag thrown on your passenger seat making sure you didn’t forget anything.  You barely have one foot in the door when the crafting begins.  After hours, days, or even weeks hunched over your craft table… it’s complete.  You hold it up to the light to get a better look… and it looks like your 4 year old niece made it!  You’ve spent who-knows-how-many pain staking hours, not to mention an arm and a leg purchasing all the supplies, and you are too embarrassed to display it in your home.. but it cost too much to throw away, so you keep it stashed away in the closet in your crafting room, never to be seen again.  For this very reason, I love this article on Why Your Crafts Shouldn’t be Pinterest Perfect from So click on the image below, read the full article, and display those less-than-perfect crafts with pride!