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I am so excited to be featured this week on the Etsy Conversations Podcast! Thank you Ijeoma for having me on your show and allowing me to talk about my services and what I offer to crafters.

This podcast is full of tips for new and seasoned Etsy sellers. If you have a half hour and would like to know more about SEO, Etsy Relevancy, marketing your shop and the common Etsy mistakes to avoid then definitely check out the podcast – listen to it for free by clicking the image below!

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  1. I just finished listening to your podcast and found it very helpful. The topics covered pertained to some of the struggles I’m having with my Etsy Shop. I never gave Etsy Relevancy much thought until recently and think I have a lot to learn. Been trying to improve my titles and tags but not sure if I’m going in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your service.

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