Etsy Library

Here are some great resources that will help you grow your Etsy shop. Some are directly related to selling on Etsy and others can be easily applied to your handmade business.


Building your Brand:

Build your Etsy brand! A video with how-to tips

Video on creating a well rounded Etsy business



How to Formulate A Premium Pricing Strategy

Are your Etsy sales in a slump? How pricing can power a turn around


Social Media:

When it comes to Social Media and your Etsy marketing, Kick Off Your Conservative Pants

Twitter101: How to join the conversation

Why it’s not enough to simply send out links to your Etsy shop or items on Twitter – engage with potential customers!

Twitter for Business – Explained by Common Craft (video), perfect for your Etsy business

3 Tips for Drawing Even More Traffic from Pinterest 

Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas for Social Media for your Etsy shop

How Pinterest Is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business

5 Reasons Pinterest is a Must for Business Marketers


Blogging / Creating a Website for your Handmade Business:

Do you have a website (besides one on Etsy?) Here is an article on Giving Your Web Customers What They Need

Thinking of starting a website apart from your Etsy shop? Here are 10 things customers want on a website

Do you have a blog for your Etsy business? Advice on getting more readers

The 10 secrets to successful blogging

15+ Places to Promote Your Blog On The Web

Staying Motivated:

Video on how to build the stamina you need as an entrepreneur – applies to Etsy businesses!!

Build a million dollar side business – This handmade example is inspiring to all of us

Richard Branson on Self-Motivation: he shares advice on staying inspired while executing on new ideas

Are you running an Etsy business or supporting a hobby? Tips on harvesting success for the long haul


General Business Advice:

Apply these tips to re-energize your Etsy sales

Are you satisfied with the state of your Etsy business? Don’t be! Always look for opportunities to grow

Eliminate theft at your table with these tips

New and old Etsy businesses can benefit from a good mentor! Here are qualities they should have

Spread the word about your business!! Learn some great tactics here

Start up basics for business – This advice really relates to Etsy businesses too

8 Ways to Boost Your Sales Starting Now!