Etsy Product Listings: How to Appeal to International Customers

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Etsy is a global marketplace with customers all over Earth Imagethe world. Besides the United States I have shipped orders to Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, the Cayman Islands, New Zealand and many other countries. International orders make up about 25% of my overall business.

In an effort to appeal to potential customers all over the world and not make anyone feel excluded, it is important to structure your listings so that the measurements of your items are listed in both the standard and metric system.

One thing that I have noticed is that both buyers and sellers get confused when doing the conversion. Today I will show you an easy way to convert inches to millimeters and vice versa with no math required!

Google makes doing the conversion very easy. Let’s pretend that you sell jewelry and the gemstone you have in your necklace is 12mm in diameter. To do the conversion type “12mm in inches” into Google. You will notice that the results come up in two places; directly beneath the search bar and as the first search result listed. See the example below:

metric conversion

The great thing about the Google conversion tool is that you are not limited to just inches and millimeters, the tool will convert any form of measurement you need!

Here is how a sample listing for a pair of earrings with the measurements listed in both the standard and metric system would look:

“Sparkly Handmade Aquamarine Blue Swarovski Crystal earrings with sterling silver ear hooks.  Beautifully set in a round silver plated Victorian bezel setting.

Crystal in setting measures: .47″ (12mm) in diameter.
The total earring drop is 1.25 inches (31.75mm) from the top of the ear-wire to the bottom of the crystal.

Your earrings will come to you carefully packaged and will be beautifully presented in an organza bag.”

Your International customers will appreciate seeing the measurements of your item in a form they can relate to and who knows, you may just see your International Etsy sales increase!


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