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If you were in the listing manager within your Etsy shop today and looked over at the left hand side you may have noticed a new option under the “Promote’ section called ‘Promoted Listings’. This is Etsy’s latest tool to help you get your items seen in more Etsy searches.

Promoted Listings will take the place of Search Ads starting on September 9th when it officially launches. Promoted Listings will be a cost per click service so you only pay if someone actually clicks into your item to view it which is a great improvement over Search Ads were you had to pay for every impression whether or not your link was clicked. This can lead to a lot more views (and sales) on your items for your advertising dollar.

Also, unlike search ads you no longer need to choose which keywords you would like to promote, you simply have to choose which items you’d like to get more visibility on and place a bid on how much you are willing to pay per click. The more you pay the more likely it is that Etsy will showcase your item during peak hours, however you don’t have to bid high to get seen. Etsy has reserved places both at the top of each search results page and also within search results for promoted ads. Etsy will also help you out by suggesting a bid price. If you are unsure of what to bid this is a great place to start.

Setting up your Promoted Listings is easy:

1) Click the  Promoted Listings link in your Listings Manager then click “get started”, then click “next”




2) Set your daily budget, it can be anywhere between $1 and $10. If you set it at $1 you will be charged $7 a week, if you set it at $10 then you will be charged $70 a week, etc.


3) The last set is to decide whether or not you’d like to start promoting the new items you list in your shop immediately or if you’d like to hand pick the ones that get promoted. The click “start”!



That’s all there is to it! It’s very easy to set up and Etsy is allowing sellers to get the ball rolling by setting up their campaigns now so they can start automatically on September 9th.

Overall I like the concept of Promoted Listings it has a lot of benefits:

  • It will be easier for sellers to use, Search Ads could get very confusing and it did not always promote your item to relevant customers. I think Promoted Listings will do a much better job of that since it is using the same algorithm for Promoted Listings as it does for Relevancy.
  • You only pay for people who click into your item, this gives you a much better chance of getting sales.
  • It doesn’t cost much to get started, $1 a day is low for advertising.

There are a  few downsides as well:

  • I see a high potential here for click fraud (when other sellers intentionally click competitors Promoted Posts in order to blow through their budget so customers won’t see their ads). I have not seen any comment by Etsy on this yet but I will keep looking.
  • I also think that it punishes shops with good Relevancy that aren’t paying for ads by pushing down their listings to make room for paid for ads. Etsy has said that these ads will not affect Relevancy and that promoted listings will be for designated ad spots only, however it is unclear where the ad spots “within search results” will land.

September 9th will be an interesting day! Let’s embrace this change and try out Promoted Listings. If you have any thoughts or comments on this new Etsy feature we would love to hear them! Post in the comments and let’s get this discussion going!


6 thoughts on “Etsy Promoted Listings

  1. These are NOT working well for Etsy sellers. Many sellers have been complaining in the forums about the fact that they may get many more views of their items, but they cost much more than the old Search Ads format and they are NOT generating ANY sales. Sadly, many successful Etsy sellers are actually suffering a loss of sales because they refuse to pay for these ads, in which their items now will get filtered out to the last search pages, even if their tag words for a buyers search is more relevant. This is just a way for Etsy to make more of a profit from their sellers.

    • Hi Jill,
      There has been a lot of confusion about how Promoted Listings work. The people who I work with who have had positive experiences are only promoting their best sellers and are keeping their budgets low (under $2 a day). You also won’t see the full effect of your promotion for 30 full days… Etsy will record sales of people who found your shop from the ads for that time period, so the results may be a little delayed. I’d love to hear more about your experience and what you’ve tried doing.


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  3. Have been a long time Ebay seller & fairly successful. I will be setting up an Etsy store soon & all the advice I get will be greatly appreciated.
    On the subject of promoted listings, what would be a good starting place $$$ to be sure my items are seen? I have zero idea whether to spend $1. a day or $10. Also, is this fee per item as I was planning on listing approximately 50 items.
    Thanks in advance for all help extended. I have been retired for aa few years now & I

  4. Got cut off from my last post. Nothing really important but to finish: retirement is not for me, I have to stay busy & also am in need of extra cash, my investments were eaten by the market as so many were. My items have a good sales record using individual sales & word of mouth so I know they will sell if they are seen, hence the importance of knowing as much about the promoted listings as possible.
    Peace, Love, & Great Selling…Calvin

    • Hi Calvin,
      Thanks for reaching out. With promoted listings, the amount you agree to is the maximum total you will spend for the day across all of your items (not per item). How much you should spend really depends on how successful they are for you. I’d start out with $3 and see how that does, if your getting sales or are getting a lot of views then you can increase it, if you’re getting some OK traffic but not a lot of sales then you might want to consider lowering it. It will all be trial and error based on your results. I hope this helps.


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