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Today we are featuring CraftShowInsiders.com.  This is a new social networking site for the community of fine crafters.  The content includes site-wide discussion forums (tents, supplies, accounting, craft and art shows, website development, etc.) and group discussion forums (such as fiber, stone, metal, jewelry, etc.) where the talk is specific to your medium.

Here is what Bill McLauchlan, the founder of the site, has to say:

You are the crafters.  You work hard at your metalsscraft during the week and then load up the van and head for a hot parking lot or a dusty field.  You set up early in the morning, sometimes before the sun has risen.  You hope it doesn’t rain or get too windy.  You sit in your booth wondering if your neighbor will get all the customers while you get none. You eat lousy food. It’s a very long and very tiring day.

Hopefully, when it’s time to tear down you will have a smile on your face because you made some money. Hopefully, there is much less craft going back into the van than came out.

You get home late.  Maybe there is time for a glass of wine or a beer but most likely you’re ready to crash and hit the bed.

The next morning, you get up and are faced with the reality that this week’s “job” is over.  It’s time to apply for another job where the “work” probably won’t even start for another six months. Even then, it’s only another two-day job.

Such is the life you have chosen.  Such is the life your craft show colleagues have chosen.

Piece of leather and some toolsCraftShowInsiders.com is all about you and by you.  It’s about the craft you create, the equipment you use, the shows you apply to, and what works and what doesn’t work.

We’re just getting started and the content will be limited.  We’ll be adding features and tweaking the site as time goes by.   We especially want to hear from you about what features you would like to see included.  The more who join and participate, the richer the site will become.

So yes – it’s all about you.  Get started! handmade in letterpress type

Join, Share, and Connect at www.craftshowinsiders.com

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