Finding the Right Tools at Staples to Help your Small Business Flourish – and a GIVEAWAY!

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Owning an Etsy shop for many of us is not just a hobby, it is a small business that we nurture and grow. We have the same challenges as any other business; we need to think about properly marketing our items, giving a professional appearance and having a quality product that people want to purchase. Along with that comes the challenges of managing the business necessities that no one knows about but you; designing and printing business cards, checking emails frequently and packaging up your items so that they arrive to the customers safely. Luckily, Staples is there for small business owners and can help them with a lot of these challenges.

Small business has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. My parents are small business owners and own a brick and mortar store. When I was a kid, one of our favorite things to do after dinner was go to Staples so my dad could look at new computers for the store (a novel idea back then), printer paper, Post-it Notes, Post-it Flags (which I was obsessed with) and other necessities like pens, rubber bands, binder clips, etc. I loved going on these shopping trips with my parents because there were so many fun items in the store and sometimes they would let me pick out a colorful pen or marker or something for myself.

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Fast forward 25 years or so and now I am shopping at Staples for my small business and it’s still one of my favorite places to shop. One of my favorite things to buy at staples now is business cards because every time I run out and need more, it means that 200 more people now have my business card in their hand than the last time I purchased them. I like the ones with the “clean edge”, it makes separating the cards easy and has a professional look. I love buying these because they are so much less expensive than having cards designed and printed for you. As a creative business I create and design my own card and then print them myself. It’s a great DIY thing you can do for your business. I create a different card for each platform I’m selling on (the basic design is the same, but the name of the platform is at the top and I use a different color pallet to distinguish each one) and I also have a card for the My Craft Assistant business as well.

One of the things I love about Staples is how affordable they are, in fact you’d be surprised how competitive the prices are, you’ll find what you need there within your budget. When I was looking for a new laptop (an absolute must for my small business) I went to browse the selection at Staples and ended up finding exactly what I needed at a great price so I bought it and was able to bring it home with me that day. I love my Lenovo Yoga and am so glad that they had something that fit my needs perfectly. My printer, the toner for my printer and my shredder all come from Staples as well.

Did you know that Staples also has packaging supplies that can help you package and send out all of the items that you sell on Etsy? There are so many essentials here for your creative business… this packaging tape dispenser helps me quickly seal up packages and these bubble envelopes help me keep items safe through the mail system. One other item that I love for packaging is this huge roll of bubble wrap it always feels like it lasts forever and the value is really great as well.

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Today, Staples is still one of my favorite places to shop and every time I walk in I have the great memory of shopping there with my family when I was younger and then when I walk in with my own family today for my small business I know that I am carrying on a really fun tradition. Staples has been kind enough to offer one lucky reader on our site a $50 gift card! In the comments section below let us know what your favorite Staples items are for your small business and we’ll choose one name at random!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Staples, I was able to try a lot of the items mentioned above for free in order to let my readers know about them. All of the information above is accurate and I will only recommend items to my readers that I have tried myself.

13 thoughts on “Finding the Right Tools at Staples to Help your Small Business Flourish – and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. I love my Fellowes Binding Machine from Staples. I bind everything- class handouts, reprints, my artist notebook (you can open it and add or rebind repeatedly)
    I have found the binding machine one of my best investments.

  2. Labels, labels, and more labels! Round labels for my logo for sealing envelopes, labels to stamp bees on for that little something special on my packaging, and mailing labels.

  3. I have a wicked obsession with pens. Somehow, a project, from planning to shipping, seems to flow better with the perfect writing utensil. What I buy the most? Printer Ink. Sigh, never enough.

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