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Meet Lonni Olson of L. Olson Designs on Etsy! Teal and Orange ElephantsLonni creates invitations, cards, announcements, digital scrapbooking papers, and many custom items for individuals and small businesses.

We love this Etsy shop because it is full of color and fun inspiration for all types of parties! Keep reading to find out more about Lonni and her fabulous Etsy shop!

CraftAssistant: Your designs are amazing! What drew you to this type of craft?

Lonni: My background is originally in architecture but graphic design has always been a hobby. After being laid off several years ago from the architecture industry I tried my hand at a few other side jobs before I realized graphic design was what I wanted to be doing.

CraftAssistant: Do you sell anywhere outside of Etsy?

Lonni: I have a handful of on-going clients that I do graphic design and social media work for, but most of my sales are through Etsy.

Craft Assistant: What do you like best about selling on Etsy?

Lonni: Etsy makes it easy. They keep track of sales, order info, refunds, and everything else. I don’t have to take the time to set up an e-commerce site, plus Etsy is really easy to use.

woodsy owlCraftAssistant: There are so many great items in your shop! What are your 2 favorite products?

Lonni: I enjoy creating my stacked elephant cards. Everyone seems to love them so much and the possibilities are endless in terms of patterns and colors. I also really enjoy the birthday cards I’ve done, as several of them were used for my own kid’s birthdays.

CraftAssistant: What is your greatest success since joining Etsy?

Lonni: After a very slow start, my sales skyrocketed to almost 350 sales in just the last half of 2012. I’m excited to say my all time sales will hit 500 this month. For a mom who works part-time with 2 kiddos at home, that means a lot to me.My greatest success though isn’t the sales, it’s the feedback I get from satisfied customers and all of the positive comments they receives on their event invitations or cards.

CraftAssistant: What inspires you? How do you keep your creative valentine paper packspark firing?

Lonni: My tagline is “design for everyday life” and that’s really my inspiration, too. I’ve found my inspiration usually comes when I’m just going about my normal day. Whether it’s through art I see, things in nature, or from the things we use each day – the inspiration for colors and designs can come from anywhere.

CraftAssistant: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned running a handmade business?

Lonni: My biggest lesson is that there’s a fine line in pricing. Custom designs take time and effort, so you need to price your items so that people will purchase while also keeping in mind that you need to fairly compensate yourself for your work.

CraftAssistant: You have had great success on Etsy! What advice can you pass on to other sellers?

Lonni: I would tell Etsy sellers several pieces of advice:

  • it’s a lot of hard work, you need to continuously revamp your tags, working, images, shop banner — just to keep things fresh
  • don’t expect immediate results, my sales were extremely sluggish for the first year
  • have fun and enjoy your work!

green elephantsYou can stay in touch with Lonni and all of her great designs in the following places:


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