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As an Etsy seller it is very important to keep up with changes in shipping costs to ensure you are pricing the shipping on your items fairly and also charging enough to cover the actual cost to ship the item. On January 27th USPS raised their prices. As a result, most Etsy sellers will need to update their shipping profiles to account for these increases. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Etsy gets volume discounts from USPS so you can save money by printing your shipping labels directly through Etsy.
  • Prices for international parcels have gone up drastically – in some cases by 100% or more.
  • You can no longer print shipping labels for Parcel Post  (now called “Standard Post”) online, you need to go to a retail location in order to ship with this method.
  • USPS will be including free delivery confirmation on packages to Canada soon and may roll this service out to other countries shortly after.

Per Etsy, below are the new shipping costs if you purchase labels directly through them. Click the chart to see the original article written by Etsy.

Etsy Shipping Profile 2

If you have questions about how much a particular item will cost you to ship you can refer to the postage calculator on the USPS website. This will help give you a good gauge of what to charge.

Don’t wait too long to update your shipping profiles, especially for international packages now that the prices have gone up so much. Having accurate shipping costs will help ensure you are covering the cost of shipping the item so that you don’t lose money on shipping.

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