Shop Setup

Shop Critique This is a customized report were we study your shop and give you a thorough and honest critique of what can be improved. Examples include your item pictures, product descriptions, tags, shop policies and more. Think you have it all figured out? Guess again! You’d be surprised how much untapped potential your shop has.

Product listings We can create professional product listings for your new items (or existing ones) including product titles, descriptions and tags.

  • Item description write-up/re-write Your product description is a great way to converse with customers and let them know exactly what your item is and why it is so special! When done correctly, your item description can also help boost your relevancy in search engines. Give us the  facts and we’ll do the rest!

  • Product title editing Next to your main product photo, your product title is one of the first things your potential customers see. We can create a product title for you that is interesting and is packed with keywords to help increase your visibility in search engines.

  • Product photo editing The photos of your products is arguably the most important part of your listing. Clear, crisp photos will often be the deciding factor on whether or not a potential customer will buy your item. Provide us with your raw shots and we’ll edit and re-size them for you.

Shop Policies write-up We can work with you to create shop policies that create trust and confidence with your customers. Your shop policies not only let your customers know what to expect, they protect your interests as well.

New Shop Setup Decided to take the plunge and open an Etsy shop for your handmade merchandise? Congratulations! We can help you get set up correctly so that everything is organized, concise and set up for search engines from the start to get your shop the best possible start.