The Grand Opening of Trinca-Ferro’s Website!

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Etsy shop Trinca-Ferro is expanding! This successful vintage Ceramic Melon Knob Small Light Green Chrome Finish Annaand handmade decorative furniture knob store now also has its own U.S. website. Congratulations in making this huge step in growing your business! Having a website in addition to an Etsy shop is a big step for any Etsy seller and can mean great things for your business. While an Etsy shop can be optimized for SEO, you have even more places to optimize for SEO on a website which can mean more visibility for your shop. It also allows you more creative freedom in terms of choosing a theme and background for your shop which is great for your branding.

Acrylic Retro Button Knob Red VeraIt’s no wonder the Trinca-Ferro shop is doing so well, I’m in love with all of the great decorative furniture knobs that they have to offer! Their vintage and handmade line of knobs is expansive, ranging from metal to glass to ceramic, bone, acrylic, etc. I asked Robert the shop owner what some of his most popular knobs are and he didn’t hesitate when he told me that it’s his “Mercury Glass” knobs. I’m not surprised, these knobs are very unique and would stand out in any room. The process for creating these knobs is amazing. Robert told me:

“Mirror Glass (or Mercury Glass) is glass that is blown and Glass Mirror Melon Knob with Brass Fittingsthen silvered with a liquid silvering solution before sealing. “Mercury” silvered glass was produced originally from around 1840 in Bohemia, Germany and also in England. Trinca-Ferro has recently revived this technique and although mercury was originally used to provide the reflective silvered glass finish our craftsmen now silver using a silver nitrate solution. We have worked hard to recreate many original designs and offer a range of patterns and shapes that can combine well to use in both furniture restoration projects as well as offering an interesting counterpoint for more modern interiors”.

France Etch Metal KnobTrinca-Ferro has decorative door knobs for all types of decor; whether your style is modern, contemporary, boho, vintage or shabby chic, you’re sure to find something you love in this shop. You can stay in touch with Trinca-Ferro and see all of the new knobs they have in stock by visiting them on Facebook and by visiting their website often!

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