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We love finding shops on Etsy that help other Etsy sellers grow their business. That’s why we love what Simone Howard from websitesforartisans is doing! Simone creates websites for artisians and crafters as well as for small businesses – wineries, fishing boat hire, tourism and corporate companies and much more!

Looking for a website for your Etsy items or small business? Websitesforartisans can help! Keep reading to find out more about Simone and how she can help you.

What do you like most about selling on Etsy?
I love the people I ‘meet’ on etsy, and the creative sort of website design work that I can do for them. Corporate design can be relatively restricted on occasion whereas design for small business and fellow Etsians I find extremely energizing and interesting.

What are your favorite products in your shop?
My favorite products are the ‘WordPress ecommerce site’ and also the ‘all in one – one page website’ listing. Both offer a really neat solution to anyone wanting any sort of online presence at all!

Who inspires you and keeps your creative spark flowing?
For my wire sculpture work (which I don’t have on Etsy at the moment, but I have a shop on there still for it and will be putting items into it again soon) I would say Alexander Calder, Ruth Asawa and anything that can be considered as beautiful architecture. For my website design, my inspiration comes from my clients! Their work, their creative expression and style and of course the function that their website is going to primarily for – eg, to sell or to present, or both.

What is your greatest success since joining Etsy?
My greatest success is the happy clients I have, their feedback is extra special when someone is able to make a full time income from their website. Knowing I have helped someone gain financial autonomy is a wonderful thing. I am glad I can be an easy point of contact for anyone who wants a website and who doesn’t want to be intimidated by geek speak or less than honorable practices. I thoroughly believe that the internet is a great tool for people who wish to earn a living working for themselves. When I had my little boy twelve years ago (!) I didn’t want to work away from home, and developed my website design business as an independent owner operator then. Etsy when I discovered it was fairly new and I kind of just jumped in! One of the best decisions I ever made.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned running a handmade business?  What advice can you pass on to other Etsy sellers?
The biggest lesson I have learned is to always keep learning! Etsy is great as you can develop your skills at presenting and marketing your product immensely by looking at what happens on Etsy, what other sellers do and offer and also from what Etsy does as an internet business – new directions in Etsy marketing and how it relates to the internet as a whole. Etsy is very much about functionality and how a business can utilize what is available on the internet already to develop a brand.

Stay in touch with Simone and all the great work she is doing!
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Fine art sculpture site
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and of course her Etsy shop!